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    Welcome to Singleton and Charlton Parish Council

Singleton Parish Council

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( Volunteers Clearing the River Lavant )

This website provides information about the activities of the Parish Council in the villages of Singleton and Charlton - pretty villages situated in the Lavant Valley, a few miles north of Chichester in West Sussex.

All of our councillors are volunteers and are committed to representing their community. They:

  • give views, on behalf of the community, on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish
  • undertake projects and schemes that benefit local residents
  • work in partnership with other bodies to achieve benefits for the parish
  • alert relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken
  • help the other tiers of local government keep in touch with their local communities

We want to work closely with our community and encourage residents to get in touch with us and attend meetings. Please get in touch and join our mailing list, mailchimp

How to report issues to WSCC

The WSCC Love West Sussex app can be used to report potholes, graffiti, fly tipping, damaged pavements and many more. Simply send in your report using the WSCC free mobile app, a text or picture message. Love West Sussex will deal with your report and we will send you a message when it's complete.

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Chichester District Council - District Dispatch

District Dispatch


May 2022
Chichester District Council

District Dispatch

The past couple of years have been incredibly tough on everyone, and a significant rise in the cost of living is adding further pressure on people. A top priority for us is to make sure that people are aware of the support that is available and this is why I have dedicated many of my district dispatch columns to focus on the different schemes and initiatives that are available.

This week, I want to talk about pension credit. This tops up weekly income to a guaranteed minimum level of £182.60 a week for single pensioners or £278.70 for couples. It’s a tax-free payment for those who have reached pension credit qualifying age and live in Great Britain. The Government has created a pension credit calculator, which enables you to find out how much Pension Credit someone could get without giving any personal details and this can be found

The Government is keen to help dispel some common misconceptions that might deter people from claiming Pension Credit. This includes making people aware that even though someone may have modest savings, retirement income or own their home, they may still be entitled to claim this. The scheme can also provide access to a range of other benefits such as help with housing costs, council tax, heating bills and for those aged 75 or over, a free TV licence.

We know that a nudge from a loved one can be a powerful motivator. If you are talking directly to friends and family of people over State Pension age, please encourage them to talk about Pension Credit and the other benefits that come with claiming it. This can help open up important conversations that could make a real difference to the lives of their loved ones. To find out more you can

I also want to encourage eligible residents to access the Government’s discretionary energy rebate.If your property is in band E to H and youreceive a means tested benefit, such as Council Tax Reduction, Universal Credit or Pension Credit; or you receive a disability benefit such as Personal Independence Payments, Carers Allowance or Attendance Allowance, then you can now apply for financial help. For more information, including the eligibility criteria and a full list of qualifying benefits, please If you are eligible then you can make an application directly online have issued payments directly to customers in receipt of Council Tax Reduction where we have up-to-date bank details for those who are eligible.

This is part of the Government’s support to help people with their energy bills. We’ve also been busy issuing the £150 energy rebate payments for people who live in council tax bands A to D. Thousands of these payments have already been made. We have produced a video, which outlines the other support that will become available over the coming months and this can be found

In addition to the schemes I have already mentioned, we also have a range of further support to help those who may be struggling financially. You can find out about this On this page you can also access our ‘Supporting You’ leaflet, which also provides details of other organisations who are also able to offer help. What’s vitally important is that people don’t suffer in silence and they reach out for help if they are struggling financially or emotionally. We want you to know that we are here to help, even if it means signposting you to the correct agency when you need access to a service that we don’t provide.

Best Wishes

Cllr Eileen Lintill

Leader of Chichester District Council

AIR RACE World Championship 2022 - 2nd-4th September 2022

AIR RACE World Championship 2022 - 2nd-4th September 2022


May 2022
AIR RACE World Championship 2022  - 2nd-4th September 2022

1. Type and the numbers of aircraft

We will have 12 race teams taking part in the 2022 World Championship and you can find out more about them on our website at

All 12 pilots have previously competed in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

11 of the teams race using an aircraft called the Edge 540 which is built in the USA by a manufacturer called Zivko.

The one remaining team operates an Australian built race plane called the MXS-R.

All the aeroplanes are single-seat, lightweight, high-performance racing machines and are required to use identical engines and propellors.

Although aircraft can be modified by individual teams, these must comply with the Air Race World Championship Technical Regulations which cover every single aspect of the aircraft design.

2. Planned Routing

Race aircraft will operate from Goodwood aerodrome for the duration of the race weekend. All pilots will comply with existing Goodwood standard arrival and departure noise abatement procedures.

The race track itself will be contained within the boundary of the horse racing circuit up the hill.

Pilots will route from Goodwood Aerodrome to a pre-race hold to the East of the race track and recover to the airfield via a similar hold to the West - to cool the engine before landing.

The race track is marked using 9 x 25 meter tall airgates - 5 double gates and 4 single gates. Similar to a slalom skier, the pilot is required to navigate his way through the track in the shortest possible time.

This means that only one competitor is on the track at any one time.

We are still refining the exact final positions of the gates, but the simulation video available to view at provides a good representation of the likely track layout.

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