Along with the Parish Emergency Plan there is also a separate Flood Action Plan.

The Parish Council also holds a list of vulnerable residents that was gathered by Parish Councillors visiting every house. This is a private list that only members of the Parish Council can access in times of emergencies, If you feel that you or a relative or neighbour should be on this list, please do contact us. An example of using this use would be if there were a prolonged power cut, it would give Parish Councillors a opportunity to insure that the vulnerable and safe in our community

Residents are encouraged to read the plan, print a copy off and store in a safe place along with the contact details of all Parish Councillors. These two documents should be used in an emergency.Useful information:

Flood Warnings - sign up

Sign up for flood warnings from the Environment Agency or call Floodline if you're in an area at risk.0345 988 1188 (24 hrs)Localised Flooding - daily flood risk forecast southern Water is responsible for removing and dealing with this type of flooding. Also known as 'surface water flooding', this usually happens when drainage systems are unable to cope with heavy spells of rainwater. There are no means for a direct warning for this type of flooding. Instead, the Environment Agency forecast where it might cause problems and put out a daily flood risk forecast on their website.